Digital Engineering and Magic x

Combining the innovation of a novel Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and reliability of one of the largest IT integrators in the Global market, we create solutions for the Medicine and Power Engineering enterprises.

Besides we develop solutions for educational purposes. For instance, VR/AR/MR simulators for university studies.

Virtual Reality.
Practice and skill development using novel equipment and technological processes x

Nowadays, increasing technology complexity, lack of qualified, flexible and efficient personnel harm business development in many areas.

3D simulators provide prompt and safe education, avoiding occupational hazards and risks of equipment misuse.

Virtual Reality-based remote learning is conveniently accessible, time- and logistics saving tool.

Our Experience x


Improved perception of patient’s 3D data (computed tomography, MRI, sonography, X-ray, etc.) may significantly impact the quality of diagnostics and treatment.
We produce interactive 3D models of organs and systems that are widely used not only for learning purposes but also for working on a treatment plan. That includes surgical and endovascular interventions.

Electrical Engineering

We offer different simulators, including the one of equipment maintenance and on/off procedures, electric switch and emergency situations simulators.

Mechanical Engineering

Using smart glasses at the assembly of parts of the product simplifies logistics and makes studying multi-page manuals unnecessary.
AR technologies assist in controlling manufacturing defects risk, shorten personnel learning curve, decrease the number of mistakes and failures, and greatly improve technology understanding.

Mining and Quarrying

We create interactive simulators for mining process, equipment monitoring, and maintenance.
Besides we offer VR simulations for staff training, such as a truck/excavator driver, occupational hazards, risks, and emergencies


Our company produces manufacturing units and the production process simulators.
Furthermore, we offer various simulations of product quality testing (specimen sampling), equipment maintenance (replacement of spare parts and units) and virtual emergency situation..

Agricultural Engineering

We make VR simulators for the explanation and demonstration of complex technological procedures, from raw materials to final products, including product development, preservation procedures, transportation, and logistics.

Engineering, project management

Our company offers cooperation in common virtual working space on project modeling, prototype building, modeling of technological procedures and maintenance, visual demonstration of potential objects for real estate investment.