VR Portfolio

Occupational Safety and Health Training in Virtual Reality

Project Overviewx

Workplace safety is very important for each and every employee in the power industry.

This virtual reality training focuses on the Occupational Safety and Health Act and its requirements.
This course will help employees in their efforts toward achieving compliance with OSHA standards in the workplace.

Transformer Oil Sampling Virtual Reality Training

Project Overviewx

Virtual Reality training on oil sampling from a high-voltage transformer that was created to hone standard operating procedures (SOP) and increase the qualification level of new employees. The training also reduces emergency non-regular situations.
The audio and visual guidance is provided through all training.

Virtual Reality Electrical Substation Training Platform

Project Overviewx

Electrical Substation Training Platform (ESTP) is designed for Universities, training centers and organizations providing professional development for the personnel at electrical high-voltage substations.
The training aim is to provide an understanding of high voltage electrical equipment. Attendees are able to explore high voltage substation, learn each high voltage unit individually in Virtual Library mode. The exam mode is included.

Virtual Reality Training of Feeder Protection Relays Based on ABB REF615

Project Overviewx

The VR training aims to train new employees at high-voltage substations to inspect and maintain feeder protection relays.
VR training consists of three main stages:

  • The Welcome Screen – here, brief information about the virtual reality training center is presented.
  • The Lobby – here, the user is provided with different VR training in the field of the electric power industry for selection in the form of cards with a brief description of each training. In the lobby, using a short guide, the user is taught to move in a virtual reality environment.
  • The VR Training – at this stage, the user passes the training chosen by him.