Our Main Goal x

Is to improve the quality of training in electrical engineering via implementation into the educational process a Virtual Reality simulator developed specifically for the power industry.



Software enables:


Overview Mode

Allows you to walk around, get acquainted with the details of the parameters of the equipment and its parts.

Training Mode

Allows you to do rounds, recreate dangerous conditions to test workers problem-solving abilities.

Virtual Library Mode

Allows you to the construction, to detach into separate parts and appreciate technology, particularities of equipment.

Electrical Substation Training Platform
A simple way of understanding extremely complex thingsx

Industry growth means increased staff that needs to be meticulously trained in health and safety and how to operate complicated equipment.
Due to the nature of the sector, there is zero tolerance for mistakes.

Our Vision

Based on Virtual Reality concept, computer training devices can improve the efficiency of the education process for engineering students. Such devices are able not only to complement traditional lab workshops but also eventually fully replace them.

Our Mission

Modern workplaces are changing, and we believe that the Electrical Substation Training Platform and VR technologies will help real people solve real problems with real solutions.